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Get compensation for your injuries

Don't suffer through the pain alone.

Never take what the insurance company has offered you

After being hurt because of another person's negligence, now you are unable to work and the medical bills just keep piling up. Let us help you figure out how you are going to get back on track.


There are many times when your injuries can get you monetary compensation. Why should you have to pay for somebody else's mistake?


From motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents to premise liability and wrongful death, we want to help you sort out your case.

Stucki Law Office, P.A. is the aggressive lawyer you want on your side so that you can get exactly what you are entitled to, not the amount your employer's insurance company wants you to take.


• Long-term / permanent disability         • Short-term / temporary disability

• Claims filing                                               • Benefit reimbursement

• Future medical expenses                        • Negotiating lump sum settlement

Worker’s Compensation

After an on the job injury or after being hurt, don't settle for less than what you deserve. Get help paying for your medical bills and lost wages.


Call today and schedule your FREE consultation and let's take the next step in the legal process together.


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